History Optional Mentorship Program with Daily Answer Writing Practice (Mentor IPS Vaibhav Gaikwad)

History Optional Mentorship Program with Daily Answer Writing Practice (Mentor IPS Vaibhav Gaikwad)


  1. The course will be conducted under the guidance of IPS Vaibhav Gaikwad & Dr Sandip Funde sir.
  2. At beginning of the program, every student will get an introductory call from IPS Vaibhav Gaikwad sir. This will be first one to one interaction with the mentor.
  3. Moreover, there will be weekly one to one interaction with IPS Vaibhav Gaikwad sir to discussion the performance of the student in the week.
  4. All admitted candidates will be added to the Private Telegram Group where our both the mentors i.e. IPS Vaibhav Gaikwad & Dr Sandip Funde sir will be present.
  5. Students will get daily study targets of specific topics as per the day-wise table mentioned below.
  6. These daily targets need average 4 hours for History optional study. That means GS related preparation won't be affected.
  7. Based on daily study targets, students will receive two questions (10M/15M/20M) in the daily evening.
  8. Student needs to write the answer to the given questions and send us.
  9. Submitted answers will be evaluated by experienced (Dr. Sandip sir) faculty and feedback will be provided on a daily basis. Here the student has an opportunity to be in touch with the faculty on a daily basis.
  10. Every Saturday, important questions on mapping will be shared for practice.
  11. Students will be provided weekly performance card based upon different parameters of the study.
  12. Students can resolve their doubts related to History optional.
  13. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the offline facility (classroom) is not available. However, students need to write answers in an offline mode only i.e. on blank papers available with him/her. After attempting questions, he/she need to scan the answers using cam scanner/adobe scan mobile app and send us for evaluation and feedback.
  14. Syllabus of Paper-I of History optional will be covered through this program only in 34 days and Syllabus of Paper-II only in 32 days. Total only 66 days program. 
  15. Total 132 questions answer writing practice will be done through this program.
  16. Only 20 students will be admitted to the course to ensure quality evaluation, feedback and personal attention.
  17. This mentoring program is so flexible that student can start with either Paper-I syllabus or paper-II syllabus as per his/her choice.
  18. Additionally, two full-length comprehensive papers each for Paper-I and Paper-II will be conducted.


Objectives of the course :

  1. To keep the student motivated and focused.
  2. Get the confidence and lead in Mains preparation.
  3. Daily answer writing practice.
  4. Help students to get 300+ marks in History optional.
  5. Help students in notes making and revising the History study material.


The course to begin on : 14th Oct 2021


Fees :
Only Paper-I or II : ₹ 4,500/- (inclusive of all taxes)

Both Papers  : ₹ 8,000/- (inclusive of all taxes)

Mentorship Program plus Test Series : ₹ 11,000/- (click here to see Test Series Schedule)


About Faculty :

IPS Vaibhav Gaikwad sir

> AIR 551 in UPSC Civil Services Examination 2017

> Optional : History

> He is mentoring History optional candidates from last 3 years.

Dr Sandip Funde sir

> He is mentoring History optional candidates from last 3 years.
> He is working as a Faculty of History in some of the reputed institutes in Delhi, since 2017
> Youtube Video link : https://youtu.be/ncCzXRviCkk


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To see the schedule
Paper-I : click here

Paper-II : click here


Contact :

Gajanan sir : 8485808686

Adesh Mule sir : 9555098967


Join us on Telegram : https://t.me/iasdelhi_history


Address : 57/11, Second Floor, Near Friends Restaurant, Bada Bazar Marg, Old Rajendra Nagar (ORN), New Delhi. 110060.


Sample Evaluated Answer :