Anthropology Optional Programs

Anthropology Mentorship Program with Daily Answer Writing Practice 2022-23


  1. The program will be conducted in both offline and online modes.
  2. Mentoring for offline candidates at the institute in Delhi.
  3. Flexibility to study topics of choice for alignment with students’ other test series or classroom programs.
  4. The course is suitable for 2022 and 2023 students.
  5. Mentor/faculty will make an introductory call (zoom platform) to each candidate separately at the beginning of the course.
  6. Students will get daily study targets of specific topics as per the day-wise timetable mentioned below.
  7. These daily targets need only 4 hours for Anthropology study. That means GS-related preparation won’t be affected.
  8. Based on daily study targets, students will receive daily two questions (10M/15M/20M) in the evening.
  9. The student needs to write the answers to the given questions and upload them in the folder specially created by the student’s name.
  10. Model Approach Answers will be provided for each question.
  11. Students who opted for the offline mode just need to submit their answer sheets at the offline center in New Delhi.
  12. Students who opted for online mode need to write answers in an offline mode only i.e. on blank papers available with him/her. After attempting questions, he/she need to scan the answers using a cam scanner/adobe scan mobile app and send us for evaluation and feedback.
  13. Submitted answers will be evaluated by the faculty himself (Faculty details are given below) and feedback will be provided on a daily basis. Here the student has an opportunity to be in touch with the faculty on a daily basis.
  14. Every week mentor will contact each candidate separately to discuss his/her study performance. Students will be provided weekly performance card based upon different parameters of the study.
  15. Students can resolve their doubts related to Anthropology optional.
  16. A Private Telegram Group will be created for candidates taking admission to this program where they can remain always in touch with the faculty.
  17. Syllabus of Paper-I of Anthropology optional will be covered through this program only in 43 days and Syllabus of Paper-II only in 21 days. Total only 64 days program. 
  18. A total of 128 questions answer writing practice will be done through this program.
  19. Additionally, two full-length comprehensive papers each for Paper-I and Paper-II will be conducted.
  20. Only 20 students will be admitted to the course to ensure quality evaluation, feedback, and personal attention.
  21. This mentoring program is so flexible that students can start with either the Paper-I syllabus or the paper-II syllabus as per his/her choice.


Objectives of the course :

  1. Help students to get 300+ marks in Anthropology optional.
  2. Get the confidence and lead in mains preparation.
  3. Answer writing practice on a daily basis.
  4. Help students in notes making and revising Anthropology study material.


The course to begin on : 1st March 2022


Click below to see Day-wise Study Schedule :




Fees :
Only Paper-I : ₹ 4,500/- (inclusive of all taxes)

Only Paper-II : ₹ 4500/- (inclusive of all taxes)

Both Paper-I and Paper-II : ₹ 8,000/- (inclusive of all taxes)


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Contact :

95550 98967 (Adesh sir)
84858 08986 (Gajanan sir)


Join us on Telegram : @iasdelhi_anthropology


Address : 11A/22, First floor, Near Agrawal Sweets Gol Chakkar, Bada Bazar Marg, Old Rajendra Nagar (ORN), New Delhi. 110060.

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