Medical Science Test Series – 2020 (C)

Medical Science Test Series-2020 (C) by IAS Delhi
Date Time Subject
29-Sep-19 1 to 4 pm Anatomy, Physiology (S3-15)
13-Oct-19 1 to 4 pm Pathology, Pharmacology (S3-16)
17-Nov-19 1 to 4 pm Medicine, Dermatology, Psychiatry (S3-17)
22-Dec-19 1 to 4 pm General Surgery, PSM (S3-18)
19-Jan-20 1 to 4 pm Pediatrics, OBS, Gynaecology (S3-19)
02-Feb-20 1 to 4 pm Biochemistry,Microbiology, FMT (S3-20)
05-Jul-20 1 to 4 pm Comprehensive - Paper 1 (S3-21)
02-Aug-20 1 to 4 pm Comprehensive - Paper 2 (S3-22)
16-Aug-20 1 to 4 pm Comprehensive - Paper 1
23-Aug-20 1 to 4 pm Comprehensive - Paper 2


₹ 15,000/- (Offline)

₹ 14,000/- (Online)

₹ 12,000/- (Old students)

₹ 4,000/- (For existing students of 2020 (A) Test Series)

Note : Students taking admission in a group (minimum 2 students) will be given the discount of Rs. 1000 per student.


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Address : 57/11, Second Floor, Near Friends Restaurant, Bada Bazar Marg, Old Rajendra Nagar (ORN), New Delhi. 110060.

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Salient Features:

1. Test series under the guidance of UPSC toppers.

2.  All tests as per the UPSC pattern. (Total 8 questions in which Q. 1 & Q. 5 is compulsory).

3. Discussion and approach paper of each test.

4. All test will be conducted in Question Cum Answer (QCA) booklet format.

5. You can view the answer sheet of the highest scorer student for each test.

6. The focus will be on coverage of syllabus.

7. To give personal attention, only 20 candidates will be admitted.

8. The question papers will be set as per the latest trend of UPSC Examination.

9. Test series available online as well as offline mode.

10. Timely & in depth evaluation of answer copies with micro & macro level feedback.

11. The test schedule is framed in such a way that students will get enough time to prepare for 2020-Prelims Examination.

12. Test dates are flexible at the end of the student.

13. Discussion videos will be provided.

14. Free mini tests under Peer Practice Program (PPP) helping group study.