General Studies Mains Mentorship Program

General Studies Mains Mentorship Program (GSMP) with Daily Answer Writing Practice

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What does this course mean?

1.The program will be conducted in both offline and online mode.

2.We have framed a detailed subject-wise study plan for 50 days comprising the Mains GS syllabus.

3. A detailed subject-wise study plan is divided into per day study needs to be finished.

4. That means per day study targets will be given to students. (average 6 hours per day study)

5. Daily 4 mains GS questions will be shared with students by 5 pm. Answers submitted for Mains questions will be evaluated by faculty/mentor himself.

6.Students who opted for the offline mode just need to submit their answer sheets at the offline centre at New Delhi.

7.Students who opted for online mode need to write answers in an offline mode only i.e. on blank papers available with him/her. After attempting questions, he/she need to scan the answers using a cam scanner/adobe scan mobile app and send us for evaluation and feedback.

8. Faculty/mentor will have one-to-one interaction/conduct a session at the beginning of the subject to assess the level of subject-specific preparation, to understand students' subject-specific concerns and doubts. At this point, the faculty/mentor also explains in detail the coverage of the subject to be done in a planned and scheduled manner.

9. At the end of the subject-specific target, faculty/mentor will have one-to-one interaction with each student and discuss answers and performance, based upon different study parameters.

10. Essay papers will be conducted on Sundays as per the schedule. For each evaluated Essay, one-to-one interaction with the faculty/mentor will be held.


Are you facing these problems in your preparation?

  • Unable to translate learnings from the classes into good answers.
  • Consistently getting a low score in GS Mains papers.
  • Unable to devise a comprehensive strategy to effectively cover Mains syllabus.
  • Unable to get interactive support and quality feedback of daily questions attempted.
  • Facing difficulty in deciding the priorities of subjects in study timetable.
  • Unable to get handholding support to add value and improve answer quality


IAS Delhi Mains Mentorship Programme (IDMP) of IAS Delhi Institute (IDI) provides regular hand-holding support & help to resolve the above-mentioned problems and students' concerns related to Civil services preparation. 



  • Mains : Practice and evaluation of around 200 GS Mains questions. 4 full-length GS papers.
  • Essay : Practice and evaluation of 4 Essays and 1 full-length Essay Test.
  • Quick revision sessions of the World History & India After Independence.
  • Arranging periodic interactions with toppers for guidance, motivation, sharing strategies etc.


Batch Begins on : 1st November 2021

To see 50 days schedule,  click here

Note - Days column indicates the number of the day allocated for a subject topic.


Fees : Rs. 7,000/- (inclusive of all taxes)


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Contact : 

Adesh Mule sir : 9555098967 / 8485808986


Address : 11A/22, First floor, Near Agrawal Sweets Gol Chakkar, Old Rajinder Nagar (ORN), New Delhi.