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South India's mangrove ecosystems under risk of collapse, warns study

World’s Mangrove Ecosystems

• Published by IUCN

Data source: IUCN’s Red List of Ecosystems.

Prepared by: Experts from various research institutions, including the IUCN Species Survival Commission and the Global Mangrove Alliance.

Coverage: World’s mangrove ecosystems in 36 different regions.

Findings :

• The world’s mangrove ecosystems cover about 150 thousand square km along mainly tropical, sub-tropical and some warm temperate coasts of the world.

• About 15% of the world’s coastlines are covered by mangroves.

• 50% of the mangrove ecosystems assessed are at risk of collapse under vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered category.

• Nearly 20% are at high risk, classed as either endangered or critically endangered

World's top 2 mangrove ecosystems ‘Warm Temp North West Atlantic’ and ‘South India and Sri Lanka, and Maldives’ are in the critically endangered category.

5 regions in the endangered and 10 in the vulnerable categories.

In India – They are in high risk of collapse in South India due to Pollution, deforestation and development activities at the coast.

• However, mangrove ecosystems in western and eastern India are less susceptible to risk.

World’s Mangrove Ecosystems (UPSC)