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Katchatheevu Island

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Katchatheevu Island

Katchatheevu, an uninhibited offshore island in the Palk Strait,is administered by Sri Lanka.

⇒ Though the island was jointly managed by India and Sri Lanka allowing the fishermen of both countries to dry their nets there, it was ceded to Sri Lanka in 1974.

⇒ Since then, Katchatheevu has remained an issue with some political parties in Tamil Nadu demanding that the island be returned to benefit the fishermen of India.

Historical background:

• In 1974, Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi of India and Sirima R.D. Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka signed an agreement that recognized Katchatheevu as part of Sri Lanka's territory, resulting in a change of ownership.

• The agreement also allowed Indian fishermen to fish around the island, dry their nets on it, and permitted Indian pilgrims to visit the Catholic shrine located on the island.

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