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Jiadhal River

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Why in News?

The tranquil flow of the Jiadhal river is now being disrupted by the harsh realities of climate change.

Jiadhal River :

It is a Northern Sub-tributary of the river Brahmaputra originates in the sub-Himalayan rough a narrow gorge in Arunachal Pradesh, the river enters the plains of Assam in Dhemaji district where it flows in braided channels.

Key facts about Jiadhal River:

• Jiadhal river is known for frequent changing of its course and devastating floods.

• Also known as 'Sorrow of Dhemaji' for the heavy damage caused by annual flood and erosion.

• The river is known as ‘Kumotiya’ from the Railway line to the Gogamukh – Ghilamara P.W.D. road wherefrom it is known as the river ‘Sampara’.

• The river finally debouches into the river Brahmaputra near Selamukh.

• But after construction of the embankment over the Kherkutiya Suti of the Brahmaputra, the river falls into the Subansiri River.

Key facts about Jiadhal River:

• The river Jiadhal carries heavy silt load from the catchment area during the flood season and deposits the silt on its bed in the plains.

• Due to this fact, the riverbed has risen up considerably.

• As a result the river follows a braided pattern and its width is more than 3km in some of the reaches.

Jiadhal River (UPSC)