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Why in News?

Prime Minister's visit to Bhutan

Equality and Respect:

» Respectful relationship for over 50 years.
» Treating each other as equals, respecting each other's sovereignty and unique identities.

Mutual Trust and Cooperation:

» India has consistently respected Bhutan's identity, religious practices, and economic aspirations, while Bhutan has looked to India for support in its growth and development.
» Mutual trust leading to a unique level of cooperation.

Gelephu Mindfulness City Project:

1. Aim to attract foreign investment and promote prosperity, with India expected to play a significant role.
2. Sustainability and environmental concerns are prioritized, aligning with Bhutan's status as a carbon-negative country.
3. The project emphasizes human well-being, including yoga, spa therapies, and mental relaxation channels.

Hydropower Cooperation:

Punatsangchhu River

1. Punatsangchhu Stage-I (Puna-I) : 1,200 MW
2. Punatsangchhu Stage-II (Puna-II) : 1,020 MW

Future Measures:

1.India can further contribute to the success of the Gelephu Mindfulness City by initiating direct flights, providing technology and infrastructure expertise, and encouraging tourism and business ventures.
2.The success of Gelephu will have positive socio-economic impacts on neighboring regions, exemplifying the mutually beneficial nature of India-Bhutan cooperation.