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Geography 21-Oct 13,500 11  Sundays : 9:30 AM to 12.30 PM &

5:00 to 8:00 PM

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Test No. Topics Date Discussion
Test – 1 Geomorphology  +  Climatology  Process  - endogenic   and   exogenic,   Isostacy,   slope development,  erosional  cycles,  approaches to    land    form    study,    application    of geomorphology,  geomagnetism   -  element of weather & climate, precipitation pattern, role   and   response   of   man   to   climate change,    important    weather    mechanism, climate    regions    of    world,    geomorphic
21-10-2018 24-10-2018
Test – 2 Environment + Biogeograhy + Oceanography Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmospheric components and their inter links, ocean movements ,Physical Prosperities of water, Hypsometric curve, Tidal Mechanism, Sea level changes. All aspects of physical environment, with their interrelation, Biomes, biodiversity, climate
change and related issues
28-10-2018 31-10-2018
Test – 3 Complete    Physical    -    All    aspects    of physical       environment,       with       their
04-11-2018 07-11-2018
Test – 4 Population   /   Settlements/   Thought   - Deomographic         attributes,         location characteristics     of     human     settlement, Population    and    food    security.    Human 11-11-2018 14-11-2018
development and related issues, paradigms in      Geography-both      ideological      and methodology. Including Models
Test – 5 Economic  and  Regional     Geography  - Resource          distribution,          economic development (Agriculture/Industrial),Regional   planning and   development   Regional   imbalances, strategies,    Growth    pole    concept,    its implications,  all  models  and  theories  of
human geography and its application
18-11-2018 21-11-2018
Test – 6 Physical  Setting  &  Resources  -  Entire range of Physical attributes of India, relief
,Climate,         drainage,         biogeography provinces,    biodiversity    related    issues, climate   change   causes   and   mitigation, resources  base  -  exploration,  distribution and environmental concerns relating to it.
25-11-2018 28-11-2018
Test – 7 Demographic  Settlement  -  Demographic attributes,    socio-cultural    aspect,    gender related    issues,    demographic    planning, demographic    revolution,    food    security, settlement   orders,   rural-urban   settlement challenges and planning 02-12-2018 05-12-2018
Test – 8 Agriculture/Industries/          Trade          - Economic   aspects   of   India,   agriculture development,    planning,    prospects    and problem,    Nature    of    industrial    growth, CPSEs, MSMES and their role in inclusive development    transport,    Communication links            development,            sustainable development 09-12-2018 12-12-2018
Test – 9 Contemporary/     Political     Geography/ Regional       Geography       Decentralized planning,  backwards  area  planning,  rural development,  Role  of  PRIs,  Geopolitical aspects in Global regional and international
16-12-2018 19-12-2018
Test – 10 Comprehensive Paper-I 23-12-2018 26-12-2018
Test – 11 Comprehensive Paper-II 30-12-2018 02-01-2019