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Leopard Cat

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Leopard Cat :

Why in News?

Rare Leopard cat spotted in Maharashtra's Pench Tiger Reserve

Leopard Cat:

• A species of forest-dwelling cat, of the family Felidae.

• It is noted for its leopard-like coloring.

• Most widely distributed Asian small cats.

Range extends from the Amur region in the Russian Far East over the Korean Peninsula, China, Indochina, the Indian Subcontinent, to the West in north-ern Pakistan, and to the south in the Philippines and the Sunda Islands of Indonesia.

Leopard Cat:

• They live in tropical evergreen rainforests.

• Vary widely in size and appearance across their range. The coloration ranges from pale tawny to yellow, red, or grey above, with
the underparts white and spotted. 

• There are usually four black stripes running down the forehead to the nape, breaking up into short bands and elongating spots on
the shoulders.

• They are solitary, nocturnal carnivores

Conservation Status: IUCN
Red List: Least Concern

Leopard Cat (UPSC)