Prelims Mentoring Program (PMP) 2024

🔶 Course to begin on 8th January 2024

The program under the guidance of experienced faculties –

Features :

🔶 Course is available both in offline and online modes.

🔶 Subject wise mentorship for Prelims – Economics, History, Polity, Geography, Environment, Art & Culture, Science & Technology.

🔶 Mentorship through daily Mini Test of 15 MCQs based upon daily study schedule (click here for Daily Schedule) to sharpen your MCQs solving skills.

🔶 Daily Test discussion with particular focus upon incorrect and un-attempted MCQs.

🔶 Two sectional tests of each subject and one full-length test after finishing the study of the subject as per schedule. (In total 14 sectional tests + 14 full-length subject-wise tests + 4 comprehensive full-length tests + 3 CSAT Tests on UPSC pattern).

🔶 Total practice of more than 4000 MCQs.

🔶 Introductory session, at the beginning of each subject. The purposes of the session are to give guidelines on what to read, what not to read, quick glance at the subject, etc.

🔶 Disciplined coverage of prelims subject through daily study targets.

🔶 Detailed guidance on elimination strategy & time-management of 2 exam hours.

🔶 Handholding support to each student through personalized and customized guidance. 

🔶 Limited candidates will be admitted to the course to ensure quality enrichment in Prelims preparation.

During the course, faculty will focus on the following factors to improve the score in Prelims –

👉 How many questions the candidate is attempting from given Question Paper?

👉 Which type of questions candidate should have attempted?

👉 Which type of questions candidate should not have attempted?

👉 What mistake candidate has committed in the question which he/she has attempted incorrectly?

👉 How to solve the question paper in a layered passion from easy to moderate to difficult questions.

👉 How to make two to three readings of question paper in the span of two hours of the exam with proper time management.

The objectives of the Program are to resolve the following problems of candidates regarding Prelims preparation –

❇️ Despite solving many tests, I am unable to improve the score in Prelims.

❇️ Fail to tick the most appropriate answer.

❇️ I am unable to finish the test on time with multiple readings.

Fees : ₹ 3,000/- (inclusive of all taxes)

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Contact :

Adesh Mule sir : 95550 98967

Gajanan sir : 85279 65204

Join us on Telegram @iasdelhi

Address : Office No.12, Near Marathi katta Restaurant, Bada Bazar Marg, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi.

Location link : Click here