Medical Science Test Series with Toppers-B

Medical Science Test Series-B (interaction with evaluator)

Testimony by Dr Aswathy Srinivas IAS (AIR-40, CSE-2019)


Note : UPSC CSE Prelims-2021 has postponedPreparing optional subject would be the prudent strategy now. To guide candidates, we have launched this program which will give candidates much required edge in their preparation. 


Date Subject
6 June 2021 Paper I–Section A – Anatomy, physiology, Biochemistry
20 June 2021 Paper II–Section A – Medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology
4 July 2021 Paper I-Section B – Patho, Micro, Pharma, Forensic, Medi, Toxico
18 July 2021 Paper II-Section B – Surgery, PSM, Pediatrics, OBS, Gynaecology
25 July 2021 1st Comprehensive Test – Paper I
1 August 2021 2nd Comprehensive Test – Paper II
8 august 2021 3rd Comprehensive Test – Paper I
8 August 2021 4th Comprehensive Test – Paper II

Fees : ₹ 10,000/- (Online)


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Contact : 

Adesh sir : 9555098967

Gajanan sir : 8527965204


Salient Features :

1. Test series under the guidance of UPSC toppers.

2. Students taking admission to the test series will be added to a Private Telegram Group where they can always remain in touch with toppers.

3.  All tests as per the UPSC pattern. (Total 8 questions in which Q. 1 & Q. 5 is compulsory).

4.  Model answers/approach paper for each test.

5. All test will be conducted in Question Cum Answer (QCA) booklet format.

6. You can view the answer sheet of the highest scorer student for each test.

7. The focus will be on coverage of syllabus.

8. To give personal attention, only 20 candidates will be admitted.

9. The question papers will be set as per the latest trend of UPSC Examination.

10. Timely & in-depth evaluation of answer copies with micro & macro level feedback.

11. The test schedule is framed in such a way that students will get enough time to prepare GS part.

12. Test dates are flexible at the end of the student.

13. The validity of the test series will remain active until Mains-2021 examination.


Address : 53/6, 2nd floor, near Hotel Madonna (entry from backside)Old Rajendra Nagar (ORN), New Delhi, 110060.


Sample Evaluated Answers :